Standard Style

This is simple gallery

Use Options For Customized Settings


  loader_image: 'loader.gif',
  width: 600, // Width of the image, set to false and it will read the CSS width
  height: 400, // Height of the image, set to false and it will read the CSS height
  thumb_opacity: 0.7, // Opacity that the thumbs fades to/from, (1 removes fade effect)
  start_at_index: 0, // Which image should be displayed at first? 0 is the first image
  description_wrapper: $('#descriptions'), // Either false or a jQuery object
  animate_first_image: false, // Should first image just be displayed, or animated in?
  animation_speed: 400, // Which ever effect is used to switch images, how long should it take?
  display_next_and_prev: true, // Can you navigate by clicking on the left/right on the image?
  display_back_and_forward: true, // Are you allowed to scroll the thumb list?
  scroll_jump: 0, // If 0, it jumps the width of the container
  slideshow: {
    enable: true,
    autostart: true,
    speed: 5000,
    start_label: 'Start',
    stop_label: 'Stop',
    stop_on_scroll: true, // Should the slideshow stop if the user scrolls the thumb list?